Ghajini 2008 Movie

Ghajini 2008 Movie


Wow!!! What a movie!!! Really Ghajini is a super hit movie. Aamir Khan is a very hardworking guy.


Songs are very nice. I think it is party time for Aamir and all team of Ghajini movie.


3 thoughts on “Ghajini 2008 Movie

  1. Hi Guys,

    Please see the movie without any pre defined expectation. I have seen the Tamil version of the movie and it was rocking, but the hindi version is ok can watch once. We can watch the movie for Amir’s Body and Asin, thats it other than that the movie can be rated as only 20 out of 100

  2. Amir Khan has acted more than the what was paid to him. ( over acting). If you want to see the difference see the hindi version first and then see the tamil version. Surya is rocking in that.

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