Chinese Mobile phones to be banned in India

do you know Chinese Mobile phones to be banned in India

shit, i have bought recenty a chiniese set


One thought on “Chinese Mobile phones to be banned in India

  1. Sometime we have more over the branded phones have fake identity like my friend has an origional motorola phone with IMEI of samsung mobile. Even duplicate IMEI numbers are also available in million of handsets, so that we can have an IMEI number of a VIP person in our handset and operator would find that person as VIP.

    There is very big loop hole has to be sattled first after that government and the operators can move on.

    Moreover the small or unlicensed mobile phone traders and importers do copy the IMEI numbers from a large number of origional mobile phones. so these duplicate phones are truly a huge problem than no zeros or all zeros IMEI mobile phones.

    As COAI said for the IMEI generator software, how could they provide the TAC to millions of handsets from different manufacturers. Because TAC defines the manufacturer code of mobile handset even In this mean over a million customers would face the failure while subscribing ass on Value added services or such as 3G and other future services.

    As there is no surety for the IMEI seasing after transplanting a genuine IMEI number as per government officials. So that transplantation of new IMEI numbers is quite not possible to all effected mobile handsets. So overall it has many of the major falure factors with it.

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