Moharram 2009

Moharram 2009


Mubarak ho!!! Moharram is on 8-1-2009.


2 thoughts on “Moharram 2009

  1. it is written out there moharram being the fest according to yu,
    for yur kind and lack of info it is not the fest to be taken as ,it is fest to 1% but rest 99% it is juss the thing to which one should look for wat hapened hundreds of years ago in karbala…
    so it is a request to yu dont take moharram as fest.

  2. salaam
    dear brother,
    As you mentioned that moharram is a festival of joy its very anti human to say that , the human laws are the supreme and it states that sadness is given priority on happiness , if you feel that imam huasain razi allah and his sahabas and children were killed thirsty and hungry for three days and islam was saved you seem to be following savage rules in the name of islam .may allah subhanahu guide you through the intercession of the prophet of islam (sawa) ameen.

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