Filmfare Awards 2009

Filmfare Awards 2009

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4 thoughts on “Filmfare Awards 2009

  1. best actress : KAJOL UMAH

    best actor : HRITIK ROSHAN/ AMIR KHAN

    best debutant male : FARHAN (good actor)
    IMRAN (popular)

    best debutant female : ADAH SHARMA (simply the best and did mindblowing performance without the KHANS SRK AND AMIR )

  2. dr shardul you are absolutely right (Y) (Y) (Y)

    FARHAN AKHTAR … i think he deserves the award because he gave a mindblowing performance which touched the heart. he sang his own songs as well..

    ADAH SHARMA ..i think she did a wonderful job WITHOUT OVERACTING LIKE SOME CERTAIN DEBUTANTS.she played the victim to the T even critics loved her.contorted her face in every possible way.

    these two actors were definitely a class apart and need to be encouraged instead of the so called “stars”

    they both proved that you dont need a “khan” to make the movie a success and that talent and acting matter the most

  3. SRk is the best actor, Aditya Copra the best director & producer, Anushka Sharma the best actress & debutant, Salim sulaiman the best music director, Jaideep Sahney the best lyricist & Vinay pathak the best supporting actor

  4. Shahrukh Khan: Popular, most selling product in market (doesn’t mean the best product in market), has skills in public relations. Average actor, most consider him best because of his immensity in some kind of acting. A lot of people consider him the worst because of same kind of acting intensity in every act. Never Evolved as a good actor, takes any role that would get success commercially, never want to make difference. Unarguably charismatic and popular.

    Amitabh Bachhan: Very versatile, one of the best actors in bollywood. One of the most accomplished actors. Very diplomatic and wise in public. Got mad skills in acting. Never evolved as an actor, takes any role without studying, doesn’t have one’s own quality assurance check.

    Aamir Khan: Very versatile. Great talent in acting. Very logical and intellectually curious to pursue roles in apt manners. Has evolved as an actor who seeks different and new ways to make difference. Social skills are average, and doesn’t care. However, as an actor second to none. (Hritik Roshan might prove this wrong, hasn’t done it yet, but has potential)

    **Please note these comment pertain to Hindi movie actors, Kamal Hassan and other actors from the country are not included

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