6th Pay Commission Haryana

6th Pay Commission Haryana


Hi guys


Please tell me complete information about 6th Pay Commission Haryana




16 thoughts on “6th Pay Commission Haryana

  1. dear sir
    i am getting pay 7700/- basic in6500-9900 scale . I AM AGRICULTURE ENGINEER. WHICH GRADE & AREAR WILL I GET


  2. my basic pay on 1/1/2006 is 6375 increment in feb. now the scale is 7450-11500 in pay band 4600 please give detail of my salary

  3. Dear Naveen as per your details your salary will be fixed as under approx.: –

    Basic Pay as on 01.01.2006 6375

    01.01.2006 11857.5
    Plus Grade Pay 16457.5

    Basic as on 01.01.2009 17983.55
    DA 16% 2877.368
    Total 20860.918
    House Rent 20% 3596.71
    Total 24457.628
    Medical 500
    Grand Total 24957.628
    without education allowance

  4. Dear Naveen, Your pay as on 01.01.06 is less than minimum of upgraded scale (7450-11500)therefore you will get benifit and will be fixed as follows :- 7450*1.86 +4600 =13860+4600=18460 , Be happy.

  5. I am Haryana Govt. officer. My basic pay on 1/1/06 was 13875+2500 NPA . Iam residing in Aclass city i.e. Palwal Distt. Faridabad but now Palwal having house rent @10%. Please calculate my salary . Thaks in advance

  6. 6th Pay Commission

    By the 6th pay commission a discrimination has been created amongst the
    pensioners. 6th pay commission’s differential benefits to pensioners from
    January 1st 2006 is in contravention of laws laid down by honorable
    Supreme Court….

  7. I am Haryana Govt. officer. My basic pay on 1/1/06 was 9100+1600 NPA . I get 1st ACP on Dec 2006 and get Scale of 10000 + 2000 NPA Please calculate my salary . and send me the pay calculator for doctors in haryana which incorporate the 24% DA on NPA . And on which date I Gave me My optionThanks in advance

  8. I am Haryana Govt. employee (V.L.D.A.)working in pay scale 5450-8000. I got 2nd ACP on 01.11.2006. My basic pay on 01.01.2006 was Rs.7400.00 and after ACP on 01.11.2006 I got basic pay rs. 7600.00 . Please calculate my pay on 01.01.2009 and my revised pay arear also. Thanks in advance

  9. I am working as J.E. w.e.f. 11/12/1981 in irrigaton dept. haryana and drawing B.P. 8700 as on 1/1/2006 in scale of (6500-10500). after getting second A.C.P. Fix my pay.

  10. Iam govt employee.I was recruitted as a clerk on 29/07/1971. I was promoted as a Asstt. on 5/12/1979 and as Supdt on 2/2/1993 in the pay scale of 6500-10500. My basic pay was 9500 on 1/1/06. My next promotional pay scale 15600-39100 in the pay band 5400/-PB3. Please fix my pay after giving the benefit of IIIrd ACP as per rule.Thanks an advance.

  11. I am govt. employee in Haryana state. I was recruitted as a clerk on 29/7/1971.I got first promotion as asstt.on 5/12/79 and was promoted on 2/2/1993 as a Supdt. in the pay scale of 6500-10500. My basic was 9500/- on 1/1/06 and I have completed 13 years service as a Supdt.My next promotion is due in the unrevised pay scale 8000-13500& revised pay scale is 15600-39100 in PB-3.Please fix my pay after giving the benefit of IIIrd ACP.Thanks an advance.

  12. I JOINED HARYANA GOVT IN 5/78 SACLE(4000/6000)& PROMOTED IN 2/89 IN SACLE 5000/8000 & 2ND ACP SACLE GIVEN 5450/8000 ON 5/98 IN THE SACLE (4000/6000) .ON 1/1/06 MY BASIC IS 7100. PL FIXED MY SALARY& PAY BAND

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