Shahrukh Khan Upcoming Movies

Shahrukh Khan Upcoming Movies

Shahrukh Khan is my favorite actor. Check Shahrukh Khan Upcoming Movies list.


6 thoughts on “Shahrukh Khan Upcoming Movies

  1. mere pyare Shahrukh you are the best actor in the world .Thousands of songs that youhave performed each one of themhas some sweet and cute gesture ya Ada that goes strait to my heart.I cancelled all indian channels when they started to compair you with aamir the RAT.I amwaiting for the DVD of RNBDJ i wish it comes soon.I miss you so.

  2. there is no comparison betn srk and amirkhan.bcz srk doesnt need to prove anymore.amir is nothing against srk.the name is enough to run the film.amir is still feeling insecure due to srk.keep on rocking srk.

  3. you are really a superstar.aamir is nsthing against have a lof of fans than him.i also see aamir khan films but i find that you are a gseat actor than lifes dream that i once met from you.

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