मोहन सिंह बिष्ट , अन्नपुर्णा मिश्रा और जे पी अगरवाल

मोहन सिंह  बिष्ट , अन्नपुर्णा मिश्रा और  जे पी  अगरवाल  yey teen log hai जो  सोनिया  विहार  ki janta key saath khilwad kar rahe hai…aakhi ho kya raha hai Sonia Vihar main?? 

Itne saal ho gaye hai is colony ko base hue… 

Na hi koi hospital…

Na hi koi Bank

Na hi koi park…

Na hi koi good school… 

Bas kichad ki colony ban gai hai……. 

Yaar kuch to karo Sonia Vihar key liye…itni ummedo sey saath jitaya tha tumhe ki kuch karoge…but koi fayda nahi… 

Theek hai bhai…tum log raja ho abhi…lekin rank bante bhi der nahi lagti… 

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5 thoughts on “मोहन सिंह बिष्ट , अन्नपुर्णा मिश्रा और जे पी अगरवाल

  1. All Members of Sonia vihar …

    Can we have meeting once a week or once a month for discuess the problem of sonia vihar..

    Praveen Kumar

  2. Just fix the time, what an idea sir ji.

    Lets try something whaich never tryed before.
    Lets do not leave everything on those currepted politicle leader.

    My suggessions:

    First make a group of young people of Sonia Vihar. then registred a society and ask whatever you want to ask through RTI.

    Some time back i have seen so many poster pasted on walls saying that 16 Crore rs. have approved for Sonia Vihar, but where is that money.

    lets make a list of Problems in Sonia vihar on society letter head and ask our MLA and Counsler in written form.

    if nothing happens then call media and highlight these problems

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