LIC Jeevan Varsha Policy

LIC Jeevan Varsha Policy – Jeevan Varsha is a latest policy from LIC. For more information on Jeevan Varsha, check out Jeevan Varsha Policy Plan.


3 thoughts on “LIC Jeevan Varsha Policy

  1. Dear All,

    if you compare, suppose you are 30 yrs old and taken this policy for 12 yrs your premium amount will be 15999 per year. Now in next 3 yrs you deposit 47997 and LIC gives you 10000, then on 6th year you deposit 67997 LIC gives you 20000, and on 9th year you deposit 47997 LIC gives you 30000. So your total investement is 83991 for 9yrs where and LIC gives you 60000 in 9 years. On 12 yrs (without depositing anything) you will get 40000(balance SA)+84000(Guratneed Addition)+40000(Loyality Addition, which is 40% of SA)

    Pls feel free to contact me
    Pankaj Bhargaw


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